Andrea Arenas and

Ciara Morales

Ace Fusion and Ciara!


Andrea Arenas, nicknamed “Ace Fusion” was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and in the year 1995 moved to Brooklyn, N.Y.. In junior high school and throughout high school she attended Hip-hop, Salsa, and bachata classes and was also introduced to the Jazz genre. She consistently performed in school talent shows, and has always touched the hearts of others with her charisma and ability to connect- with, not only the music, but also with the crowd! Throughout her life, people have known Andrea as the “Dancing Queen”.

In the year 2009, after completing high school, Ace joined the United States Marine Corps all the while continuing her love and growth for dance, as both a social dancer and a student. Andrea believes that social dancing is a way of life. Her goal as a social dancer is to allow the person she is dancing with to feel they are a powerful and skilled dancer. In her eyes everyone is an amazing dancer and every dance is what you make it. 

To Ace, the most important thing about dancing and progressing is learning the history and understanding what makes the music that people enjoy dancing to. She believes that learning the instrumental basics and origin is Key to understanding musicality. 

Andrea has travelled the world during her time serving in the Marine Corps. She has danced socially in areas such as Japan, Africa, West Coast, Europe, and East coast!

In 2015 she participated in the world renowned certification course by Alex and Desiree. Here she received her certification as a Bachata instructor.

Traveling and dancing has Ace on a beautiful Journey. She is dedicated to serving and dancing with people all over the world!



Ciara has been a dancer throughout her life and has always aspired to connect with others through her love for dance. As far as she can remember, dance and music have always had a crucial part in bringing her and her family together, and it is still such a profound source of joy, love and escape.

Throughout childhood and into her teenage years, she has performed regularly in school hosted events, attended dance classes, and while in high school, she and a friend founded a dance team that focused on creating a safe and welcoming space for Students of Color!

in 2012, she began formal dance training, when she moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago’s American Sign Language Interpreting Program. While living in Chicago she took classes and trained in Ballet, Modern, African, House, Hip-hop and Bachata. She has been taught and is continuously inspired by instructors such as Jorge Soto, Sarah Zuccaro, Zeke Ruvalcaba, Bianca Derival, Rudy Lopez ”El Tiguere del Mambo”, Kelsa Robinson, Dardi McGinley, and many more. 

Ciara continues to share her passion for dance, whether it is in a social setting or in a classroom. She loves teaching and of course being a student, Ciara firmly believes that we are always a student and there is always room for growth as a dancer. She believes that dance is not only a physical experience, but also an emotional and a spiritual one, and she wants to continue to share all of the positive and therapeutic ways that dance has impacted on her life.

When she is not dancing, she is working as a freelance American Sign Language Interpreter. Although Ciara has grown up as a dancer, both interpreting and dancing share the same space in her heart!